Saturday, October 10, 2015

DAY 49 ~ October 16th

Field Trip - Fall

DAY 48 ~ October 15th

Warm-up 79 & 80

INB - The Converse of the Pythagorean Thm

CW: page 6, 13 - 18
        page 7, 11 - 16

DAY 47 ~ October 14th

Warm-up 78

CW: page 6, #1-12
        page 7, #1 - 10, 17

DAY 46 ~ October 13th

Warm-up 77

INB - Using the Pythag. Them

CW: pages 4 -5

HW: finish CW

DAY 45 ~ October 12th

INB - The Pythagorean Theorem & Right Triangles

CW - Packet (page 1 - 3)

HW - finish CW

DAY 44 ~ October 8th

Early Release Day

Make up DQAs

Parent Conferences

DAY 43 ~ October 7th

Early Release Day

Make up DQAs

Parent Conferences

DAY 42 ~ October 6th


DAY 41 ~ October 5th


DAY 40 ~ October 2nd


DAY 39 ~ October 1st


DAY 38 ~ September 30th

Go over Unit 2 test
Review for Q1 Exam

DAY 37 ~ September 29th

Unit 2 Test

DAY 36 - September 28th

Unit 2 Review - Study Guide

DAY 32 to DAY 35 ~ September 22nd to September 25th

INB - Multi-step Equation Packet
CW - Equation Packet

DAY 31 ~ September 21st

Early Release Day

Quiz - Scientific Notation - all operations & Exponent Rules

Thursday, September 17, 2015

DAY 30 ~ September 18th

DUE: Video - Multi-step equations

Scientific Notation packet is due at the end of class, along with the application activity.

DAY 29 ~ September 17th

The students were given an activity that is allowing them to use real world examples and practice the operations of scientific notation.

DAY 28 ~ September 16th

Students were exposed to the computation of scientific notation with all four operations WITHOUT a calculator. Lets just say that they appreciate the calculators a little bit more. ;)

DAY 27 ~ September 15th

Students continued to compute scientific numbers on the calculators in their packets (pink).

DAY 26 ~ September 14th

Quiz - Exponent Rules

Began exploring scientific notation on the calculators.
Remember we are using the following calculator:

Ti-30 XS multi-view

Some students are using the Ti-30 XIIs, however that model will limit the students in the class in a few months. The Ti-30 XS multi-view is what the students will be using on the Milestone, which is why I highly suggest getting the correct model. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, September 7, 2015

DAY 25 ~ September 11th

Practice with Applications of Cube roots and properties of exponents

DAY 24 ~ September 10th

Practice with Applications of Square roots and properties of exponents

DAY 23 ~ September 9th

INB: Property of Exponents - Dividing powers, quotient to a power

HW: video - Scientific Notation (operations)

DAY 22 ~ September 8th

INB: Properties of Exponents - Multiplying powers, power of a power, and product to a power GP

HW: video - dividing monomials

DAY 21 ~ September 4th

INB: Cube Numbers and Cube Roots
INB: Application of Cube Numbers and Cube Roots

HW: Video - Multiplying Monomials

DAY 20 ~ September 3rd

** Sparkle **

INB: Non-perfect Square Roots on a Number line

HW: video - Zero & Negative Exponent Rules

DAY 19 ~ September 2nd

INB: Application of Square of Numbers & Roots
INB: Square Numbers and Square Roots

DAY 18 ~ September 1st

Math Universal Screener

DAY 17 ~ August 31st

Classify Real Numbers activity w/Graphic Organizer

DAY 16 ~ August 28th

Went over Unit 1 test.

Discussed the Retake Policy process.

HW: video - Squares and Square Roots & Cubes and Cube Roots

DAY 15 ~ August 27th

UNIT 1 Test

HW: video - The Real Number System

DAY 14 ~ August 26th

Review - Unit 1 test

DAY 13 ~ August 25th

INB: Parallel lines cut by a Transversal GP

DAY 12 ~ August 24th

INB: Triangle Sum GP

Friday, August 21, 2015

DAY 11 ~ August 21st

Warm-up #76

Finish INB: Parallel Lines cut by a transversal (1-6)

DAY 10 ~ August 20th

Warm-up #75

Applying Angle Pair Relations when Parallel Lines are cut by a Transversal

HW: WS #1-6

DAY 9 ~ August 19th

Warm-up #74

INB - Parallel Lines (1-6)

HW: Video-Triangle Sum/Exterior Angle Thm

DAY 8 ~ August 18th

Warm-up #73

INB - Special Angles (1-5)
1/2 of INB - Parallel Lines (1-6)

DAY 7 ~ August 17th

Finished Team Task

HW: Parallel Lines cut by a transversal

Friday, August 14, 2015

DAY 6 ~ August 14th

Warm-up #72

Team Task: Transformations Review (Day 1)

Students will continue this assessment on Monday in class.

HW: Video - Angle Relationships

DAY 5 ~ August 13th

Warm-up #70

INB: Rotations and Dilations


GO Dawson TIGERS!!!

DAY 4 ~ August 12th

Warm-up #71

INB: Reflections

HW: Video-Dilations

DAY 3 ~ August 11th

Students began their Warm-up #69 after I checked their HW from the video.

Today, students completed their first Interactive Notebook (INB) in class over Translations. Students were given a WS: Translations #1-6 all.

DAY 2 ~ August 10th

Students received their Unit 1 Packets for their video notes. In class, we watched about half of the first video over Translations/Reflections/Rotations and filled in the notes that corresponds to the video in their packet.

Students were sent home to find the video and then complete the rest of the notes to the video.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

DAY 1 ~ August 7th

Welcome Back STUDENTs and PARENTs!!

Today, we discussed what a typical day in Mrs. Priest class looks like. We went over classroom procedures, and expectations.

We ended the class by having each student fill out how they access the internet. Or if they do not have access, I can help your child access my video lectures using an USB drive, or a DVD.

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

DAY 181 ~ May 22nd

Tiger Walk @ 8:00am

DAY 180 ~ May 21st

Make up EXAMS

Q4 reward
8th grade Field Day

DAY 179 ~ May 20th


DAY 178 ~ May 19th


DAY 177 ~ May 18th


DAY 176 ~ May 15th

SIX FLAGS field trip!!!

DAY 175 ~ May 14th


DAY 174 ~ May 13th

DCHS tour - cancelled

ALL missing/make up assignments are DUE today!!!

DAY 173 ~ May 12th

iPad projects are DUE today!!!!

DAY 172 ~ May 11th

iPad projects continued - Bear is DUE tomorrow!!

DAY 171 ~ May 8th

Spring Dance @ 6:00pm

iPad projects continued - Bears

DAY 170 ~ May 7th

Career Day at DCMS!!

Deer pop. project DUE!!

DAY 169 ~ May 6th

iPad projects continue - Deer Pop. is DUE tomorrow.

DAY 168 ~ May 5th

iPad projects continue

DAY 167 ~ May 4th

iPad projects begin - part 1 and 2 of Deer Pop.

DAY 166 ~ May 1st

GMAS make up days

DAY 165 ~ April 30th

GMAS Make up days

DAY 164 ~ April 29th


Good luck students!!